AUTUMN seasonal selections are here!

Things start to cool down come autumn. Fittingly, the beers of the season are less concerned with being refreshing — as such, many will start to play with a heavier body and more autumnal spiciness. Obviously, the flavors of Thanksgiving also come into play as well as seasonal ingredients. In fact, in many ways, autumn beers were the first seasonal beers to gain popularity. Unsurprisingly, the perfect beers for the season follow suit. (As seen on

  • Dry Pumpkin — It should come as no surprise that pumpkin, that most autumn-inspired food, dominates the seasonal beer scene every fall. Pumpkin beers allude to their pastry counterparts, often featuring large amounts of nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon. Pumpkin also creates a heavier body, giving these beers a more dessert-like feel. In fact, these seasonal beers are so popular, they are starting to be released earlier and earlier every fall.

  • Maple — More recently, maple has become a popular flavor addition for fall beers. The syrupy flavor goes well with brown ales, making these beers less heavy than pumpkin beers, meaning they’re perfect whether you’re drinking them before or after dinner.

  • Amber — Amber beers, whether they are ales or lagers, are slightly darker than pale beers. This slightly heavier maltiness is perfect for the fall, especially if you’re spending the day watching football. Supremely drinkable, they come in a lot of different varieties, so you can cater your amber beer to your specific tastes.

  • Belgian — Belgium is famed for its Trappist beers, which can only be legally made by Trappist monks. These beers have long been hailed as the best in the world. They tend to be spicy and boozy. If you want to spend some time sipping on one beer and really exploring its flavor profile, Trappist ales are perfect come autumn.

  • Oktoberfest — Autumn is also the time when Germany’s famed Oktoberfest, probably the greatest holiday dedicated to beer in the world, is celebrated. So it only makes sense that many breweries offer their own Oktoberfest beer. Oktoberfest beers are typically heavier brews that are well-aged with a deep amber color. If you want to really celebrate like a true Bavarian, find one of these beers and raise your stein.

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Atwater Decadent Dark Chocolate

Blue Point Blueberry

Bronx - Boom Boom IPA

Brooklyn Octoberfest

Budweiser Jim Beam

Buffalo Bills Pumpkin

Dogfish Punkin

Fegley's Pumpkin

Genessee Octoberfest

Genessee Variety Fall Can

Great Lakes Octoberfest

Lancaster Baked Pumpkin

Lancaster Octoberfest

Leinenkugel's Harvest

Leinenkugel's Octoberfest

Sam Adams Octoberfest

Saucany Maple Mistress

Shipyard PUmpkin

Sierra Nevada Octoberfest

Smutty Nose Octoberfest

Smutty Nose Pumpkin

Southern Tier Cold Press Cofffee Pumpkin

Southern Tier Pumking

Southern Tier Warlock Pumpkin Stout

Stegmeyer Octoberfest

Stegmeyer Pumpkin

Yuengling Lager Octoberfest