Boutique in a beer store

Beer is BASIC. Cigarettes, ice, chips/candy/snacks, lottery tickets, cigars, and soda are EXPECTED. Dorneyville Beverage is anything but BASIC and EXPECTED.

From ping (Beer) pong balls to fan gear to playing cards to medicines, we have it all! If you don't expect to find it in your traditional beer store, you probably will find it here.


Fam Gear.jpg


Constantly looking for and adding new products.

Check out Fire Flask and The Great American Malt (New version of Moonshine!).

Summer seasonal's are now in. No need to buy a full case as we have 6-packs and singles. Build your own summer sampler!

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We have it all and then some. HECK we might even have a DVD you have not seen yet or a BLOUSE for your significant other.

Oh and by the way we have singles, 6 packs, 12 packs, cases and more. Check out our huge selection.


Friday night, or any night for that matter, grab some brews for you and pizza's for the family (and for you later). We now have fresh Matey's pizzas available for only $4.99 each. See our cooler full of pizzas right by checkout!